Blood Test

Blood Test

These unprecedented times, prioritizing safety and well-being is paramount. Our dependable and precise COVID-19 testing services offer a reliable solution for detecting the virus’s presence. With our exclusive testing options, you can find reassurance and make informed choices to safeguard yourself and your community.

Comprehensive Blood Testing Service

Take control of your health and well-being with our private blood testing service. We recognize the importance of accessible and comprehensive healthcare, which is why we provide a convenient solution that empowers you to manage your health from the comfort of your home. Our completely confidential service offers exclusive insights into your health status, enabling you to make informed decisions for a healthier life.

Notable Features

  • Ensuring privacy with a confidential and discreet service
  • A broad selection of blood tests catering to various health concerns
  • Timely and reliable delivery of accurate results
  • Expert guidance and support throughout the testing process

Easy Access to Comprehensive Health Information

Our private blood testing service offers a wide range of tests tailored to your specific health needs. Whether you’re interested in assessing cholesterol levels, checking for hormonal imbalances, or monitoring your vitamin and mineral status, our diverse range of tests can provide valuable insights. By accessing comprehensive health information, you can identify potential risk factors, detect early signs of diseases, and proactively optimize your well-being.

Blood Tests at Your Convenience

We offer a variety of blood tests that can be conveniently taken at our clinic, ensuring easy access to safe, regulated tests for disease detection and wellness promotion. Once your test is completed, your results will be promptly available in your email, equipping you with the information you need to share with a healthcare professional or simply granting you the peace of mind that all is well.

1) Vitamin D Blood Test

Test if you have a Vitamin D deficiency. Low levels may lead to weakened bones, reduced immunity and fatigue.

2) Basic Health Screen Blood Test

Test your average sugar levels (HbA1c), vitamin D levels, total cholesterol levels and your thyroid function (TSH / FT3 / FT4).

3) Full Health Screen Blood Test
Test your average sugar levels (HbA1c), vitamin D levels, total cholesterol levels, thyroid function (TSH / FT3 / FT4) and Anaemia levels.

4) Total Cholesterol Blood Test

A measurement of how much fat is in your blood. The lipid profiles include: 1. Cholesterol 2. Triglycerides 3. High density lipoprotein cholesterol 4. Non-high density lipoprotein cholesterol.

5) Diabetes Blood Test

This test detects high or low blood sugar levels (HbA1c). Results will tell you if you have diabetes, if you’re at risk of developing diabetes or if you have healthy blood sugar levels.

6) Healthy Heart Blood Test

Test for cholesterol and blood sugar levels to get a better understanding of your cardiovascular risk.

7) Thyroid Function Blood Test

Test your thyroid function (TSH / FT3 / FT4) to understand how your body releases hormones that control your metabolism and the way your body uses energy.

8) Thyroid Peroxidase Blood Test

This Thyroid Peroxidase test can indicate if someone may be more likely to develop an under-active thyroid.

9) Advanced Thyroid Blood Test

Understand how your body releases hormones by taking the thyroid function test (TSH / FT3 / FT4) + TPO antibodies test.

10) Anaemia Blood Test

This Anaemia test looks for deficiency of Iron, Vitamin B12 or Folate.

11) COVID-19 Vaccine Immunity Blood Test

Find out if your immune system has responded to the COVID-19 vaccine.

12) COVID-19 Antibody Blood Test

This blood test will tell you if you have previously contracted COVID-19. A positive result would indicate that you were infected with COVID-19 at some point.

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