What is post acne scars?

Post-acne marks are small dark spots left behind after an inflamed blemish heals. They’re sometimes referred to as “acne scars,” but this is a misnomer. True acne scars are either raised (hypertrophic) or indented (atrophic) and are generally the same color as your skin.

They’re also permanent scars and can only be removed with professional skin-resurfacing treatments. Post-acne marks, on the other hand, are flat and generally appear light to dark brown in color. Anyone can develop these post-inflammatory discolorations, but they’re most common amongst people of color.

Why Do Post-Acne Marks Form?

Post-acne marks develop due to skin inflammation. In certain cases, this inflammation can stimulate the body to produce excess melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color. It can also lead to melanin clustering in the skin. In both scenarios, this process leads to the creation of a dark spot or discoloration.

Treatment Options

Various scars require distinct approaches to their treatment. Some may simply necessitate blending with the surrounding skin to enhance their appearance, while others demand more aggressive treatments such as laser therapy or similar energy-based methods to eliminate scar tissue and facilitate the generation of higher-quality skin.

Scar management can involve techniques like chemical peels, injectable fillers, dermabrasion, microneedle therapy, nonablative laser therapy, ablative laser therapy, or fractional radiofrequency therapy. The effective treatment of acne scars entails addressing these individual concerns and enabling scarred skin to transform into a healthy, smooth, and even-toned complexion.

Restore Smooth and Clear Skin

Are you tired of dealing with post-acne scars that mar your complexion? Our post acne scar reduction treatments are designed to help you achieve smoother and clearer skin. We understand the impact that acne scars can have on your self-esteem, and our specialized techniques are aimed at minimizing their appearance.


Microneedling is a procedure that utilizes minuscule needles to trigger skin repair and establish micro-channels in the skin, facilitating the absorption of applied nutrients onto the skin’s surface. The outcome is influenced by the depth of needling and the selection of topical nutrients, which can encompass:

  • Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants: to enhance skin radiance and moisture.
  • Acid peel: to refine scars and enhance skin texture.
  • Hydroquinone: to reduce pigmentation


This facial treatment blends three of our most potent therapies designed to address enlarged pores. Initially, the skin undergoes microneedling, which stimulates skin repair and establishes micro-channels in the deeper skin layers. Following that, a customized acid solution is administered, penetrating deeply to clear debris, reduce sebaceous glands, and exfoliate the skin. Lastly, the T-zone is subjected to CO2 laser treatment, resurfacing and minimizing large pores. The treatment is completed with a hydrating mask and LED therapy to soothe the skin.

Targeted Treatment for Lasting Results

Our seasoned practitioners provide a variety of cutting-edge treatments to target various types of acne scars, including atrophic, hypertrophic, and rolling scars. We customize the treatment plan to suit your individual requirements, employing methods like laser resurfacing, micro-needling, or chemical peels. These techniques are designed to stimulate collagen production, refine skin texture, and reduce the prominence of scars.

Personalized Consultation and Care

In your consultation, our specialists will evaluate the extent and nature of your acne scars, and they will suggest the most appropriate treatment options. We will create a customized care plan, considering factors such as your skin type, medical history, and the outcomes you desire. Our objective is to achieve enduring results while ensuring your comfort and safety are paramount.

Reclaim Your Confidence

Through our treatments for reducing post-acne scars, you can restore your confidence and revel in a smoother complexion. Our advanced techniques and personalized approach guarantee that you receive top-quality care, leading to significant enhancements in the visibility of your acne scars.

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