HAIR LOSS THERAPY PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)


Este Medical Group offers Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, a proven hair loss treatment that effectively enhances hair count, thickness, and growth.

PRP for hair loss is a non-surgical, safe, and successful approach to hair regrowth, using the patient’s own blood plasma to stimulate hair growth. Whether you’re experiencing hair loss due to factors like menopause, post-natal changes, or male pattern baldness, PRP therapy can assist in restoring your hair to a healthier and fuller state.

This PRP hair loss treatment is ideal for those seeking a non-invasive, natural solution for hair regrowth, which entails minimal discomfort and downtime. Este Medical Group conducts numerous PRP treatments annually, ensuring a secure, comfortable, and well-experienced environment for our clients. With several clinics throughout the UK and even international locations, you can be confident that we have the expertise to help you regain your hair.

Restore Your Hair's Natural Growth with PRP Therapy

Welcome to our Hair Loss Therapy PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) page, where we present an innovative solution for addressing hair loss and promoting natural hair growth. Our expert team excels in PRP therapy, harnessing the regenerative potential of your body’s platelet-rich plasma to rejuvenate your hair follicles.

Stimulate Hair Regrowth

PRP therapy for hair loss entails taking a small sample of your blood, processing it to concentrate the platelets, and subsequently injecting this platelet-rich plasma into your scalp. The growth factors and nutrients found in PRP work to activate hair follicles, stimulate hair regrowth, and enhance both the thickness and overall quality of your hair.

Customized Treatment Plan

In your consultation, our skilled practitioners will evaluate the extent of your hair loss, engage in a conversation about your objectives, and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique requirements. We consider factors like the pattern of hair loss, the overall health of your hair, and your individual goals to deliver an effective and customized approach.

Safe and Non-Surgical

PRP therapy is a secure and non-surgical method for hair restoration. Since the treatment harnesses your body’s natural resources, it significantly reduces the chances of adverse reactions. Our expert practitioners adhere to stringent hygiene standards and employ precise injection techniques to guarantee a comfortable and secure treatment process.

Regain Your Hair Confidence

Become a part of our contented clientele who have witnessed the rejuvenating benefits of PRP therapy for hair loss. Rediscover thicker, healthier hair and regain your confidence. Arrange a consultation with us today to discover how PRP therapy can assist you in managing hair loss concerns and rekindling your natural hair growth.

Platelets are tiny cells found in the blood that contain important growth factors which are essential for wound healing, tissue regeneration and hair follicle stimulation. Platelets are an element of blood, along with red and white blood cells. The platelets are the body’s “first responders” that stop the bleeding and encourage healing when a person gets a cut.

The number of treatments you need depends on the condition and severity of your hair loss. Generally, it is recommended that patients receive three treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart. After the initial course of treatments, some patients may require maintenance treatments every 6-12 months in order to maintain the desired results.

Results will vary from person to person, however, the majority of patients see visible results after the first or second treatment.

PRP hair loss treatment results can last up to 12-24 months after the initial treatment course; however, some patients may need regular top-up treatments.

The best way to determine if PRP hair loss treatment is the right option for you is to book in a free consultation with our team of experts. We will assess your condition and advise a treatment plan that is best suited for you.

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