COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Tests

In these unprecedented times, it’s essential to prioritise the safety and well-being of yourself and those around you. Our reliable and accurate COVID-19 tests provide a trustworthy solution for detecting the presence of the virus. With our 100% unique testing services, you can gain peace of mind and make informed decisions to protect yourself and your community.

Fit-To-Fly PCR Test

Ensure a hassle-free travel experience with our Fit-To-Fly PCR Test. Obtain reliable and rapid COVID-19 test results to meet travel requirements and embark on your journey with confidence.


Fit-to-Fly Child

Ensure a smooth travel experience for your child with our Fit-to-Fly PCR Test. Obtain accurate and timely COVID-19 test results to meet travel requirements and ensure a safe journey for your little one.


Fit-To-Fly Lateral Flow / Antigen Test

Simplify your travel preparations with our Fit-To-Fly Lateral Flow / Antigen Test. Receive rapid and accurate COVID-19 test results to meet travel requirements and enjoy a hassle-free journey.

Key Features

  • Highly accurate COVID-19 testing methods
  • Fast and efficient testing process
  • Results delivered in a timely manner
  • Certified laboratories and trained professionals
  • Compliance with all relevant health guidelines and regulations

Choose the Right Test for Your Needs

We offer a range of COVID-19 tests to cater to different circumstances and requirements. Whether you need pre-travel testing, regular screening for workplace safety, or have symptoms that warrant testing, we have a solution for you. Our tests include PCR tests for accurate diagnosis, rapid antigen tests for quick results, and antibody tests to assess past infection and immunity.

Pre-departure Fit to Fly Test£40
Pre-departure Antigen Test£28

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