Usama Ashfaq



A multi-talented young man. He now helps at BEST SKINCARE CLINIC as a HIJAMA THERAPIST.
He assists the  team and helps ensure all our processes run smoothly.  He has always been passionate about making people feel good about themselves, and loves working for BEST SKINCARE CLINIC LEEDS which puts the patient first and aims to elevate their confidence and sense of wellbeing every time they walk in the door.
He is  a Fully Qualified Hijama Therapist, having been practising and training for years now. Trained by DR.NAVEED, He is  fully insured and hold CUPPING THERAPY DIPLOMA qualifications from CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE UK.

If you are looking for hijama therapy in Leeds that is comfortable and Clinical based, then look no further than BEST SKINCARE CLINIC.
Hijama cupping is a form of complementary alternative therapy and may also be referred to as wet cupping. It is an ancient form of therapy that involves the placement of special cups on your skin to create suction and encourage blood flow to the target area.
In the section below you can find out more about the many benefits of hijama cupping therapy; alternatively, get in touch with us today with any enquiries about USAMA ASHFAQ or the cupping process, and we will happily discuss them with you in more detail.

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