Dr Maria Waheed

Aesthetic Physician

Dr Maria Waheed

Natural born nurturer and beating heart of the clinic, Dr Maria Waheed is where Aesthetic Health all began. It is thanks to her extraordinary vision for a health-first holistic aesthetic clinic, as well as her innate care and kindness, that Aesthetic Health is the rare and special place it is today.
From the clinic’s very inception, she has offered a distinctive combination of Aesthetic, Anti-Ageing and Preventative Medicine that work in harmony with the body, helping to stimulate health and repair. Dr Maria firmly believes in tapping into the body’s astonishing natural processes of regeneration to enhance innate potential to repair and rebuild.
Continually striving to offer the best to her patients, Dr Maria stays at the cutting edge of evidence based Aesthetic Medicine travelling internationally to bring home the most scientifically effective treatments. She is a Key Opinion leader in the field of Medical Aesthetics, pioneering new treatment methods, working with Advisory Boards, Steering Groups and training, mentoring and appraising Aesthetic Physicians.

Qualifications and credentials:
Doctor of Pharmacy, MYAAM

Registered with Pharmacy Council Of Pakistan

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