Amjad Ali

Massage Therapist

Amjad Ali

My name is Amjad Ali, I live in the Leeds area. I am a qualified massage therapist Centre of Excellence Diploma in Massage Therapist
and also have extensive experience in Dr lipper mann Clinic Germany and doing other types of massage treatments. Including:
Full Body,
German and Indian Head Massage.

Massage is scientifically proven to be effective in aiding injury recovery and pain relief, and has been used as a treatment for hundreds of years. However the benefits of Full body massage and manipulation are far-reaching, and can be used to improve your circulation, posture and flexibility, and well as relieving back, shoulder and neck pain.

Other passive benefits to massage include:
* Increased flexibility of muscles and joints
* Prevention of muscle and tendon injuries
* Efficient clearing of harmful toxins
* Reduction of scar tissue
* Improved tissue elasticity
* Improvements in your tissue’s micro-circulation

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